Moving Your
Brand Forward

Moving your Brand Forward

K-5 Solutions services customers around the globe bringing more than 40 years of warehousing, fulfillment and logistics services. Our focus is providing a superior customer experience with world class operational excellence.

Retail Brand Specialist

As a specialist in display and branding products for over 25 years, Colonial helps manufacturers and retailers elevate brand awareness, improve perceived value and drive sales effectiveness. Simply put, we specialize in helping YOU sell more product!

Colonial Apparel & Promotions

Are you promoting your Brand to the level you desire? Have you considered a web store for your employees or a promotional program for your sales team? Colonial Promotions offers programs across multiple platforms to help build brand awareness. Colonial Promotions division is a full service shop providing Branded Apparel and Promotional Items for over 40 years, with a design team on staff. Visit or call us to discuss your branding needs and how we can help promote your company.

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