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School’s out for Summer

A prestigious Division One University in the South East received a call from its supplier of branded apparel in its campus stores. It seems this premiere global sportswear brand would not be delivering goods promised for a major alumni weekend. University Administration received notification within 2 weeks of the event; Not enough time to find another supplier. The items promised were to be branded with the university’s logo. Goods without the logo would not be bought by alumni coming from every corner of the globe.

K-5 got the call for help from our network of customers. We intervened and found the root cause of the problem. The sportswear brand could then deliver the product, but customize it with the university’s logos. We leveraged our network, in this case our parent company Colonial, to solve the problem. We were able to customize the products, repackage and deliver for the weekend festivities. The university is forever grateful, the alumni had a great weekend and were none the wiser. 

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