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A Retail Store nightmare solved

Our parent, Colonial is a supplier of record for a (different) national retail giant; Another brand name you know. Colonial learned that the retailer had decided upon a complicated supply chain for point-of-sale materials; Different items were being made and shipped by various vendors to almost a thousand individual retail store locations. Pulling together multiple vendors to coordinate delivery and then assemble a display at each location proved to be… complicated.

Colonial was informed that the project was not going as planned. Stores were not getting complete kits from the other suppliers, and had to track down numerous suppliers to determine what was missing. It was like them putting together a puzzle without looking at the boxtop picture.  This led to an outcry from the retail stores. K-5 was called in by Colonial to help the retailer; The success of the retailer’s investment was in jeopardy.  Once we understood the full scope of the project, we sprang into action offering a solution of routing all of the various components into K-5, kitting the components for the display, assembling the final product and shipping complete store packages directly to the stores. The results of our actions were immediately recognized at store level and the integrity of the launch was restored. 

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