K-5’s parent company got a phone call from a customer who is a retail giant with a challenge. They were importing over 175,000 retail displays for a new launch that would require over 200 containers of display materials. After the cans were on the water they decided that running these items through their DC’s during a peak selling season would be too disruptive.  The clock had started on arriving containers, and the customer needed a solution to receiving, kitting and fulfillment that they could trust like own DC’s, but without the disruption. 

Knowing the scope of the fulfillment aspect for this job, K-5 worked out the logistics on the fulfillment and developed a plan for receiving, inspecting, warehousing, and packaging for the customer.  K-5 was also able to take different elements of over 60 SKU’s and package them together for each of almost 3,500 stores, which required different items.  As no two stores were alike. there was a wide range of order variability to get right.  K-5’s modular warehousing concept provided the perfect fit, coupled with our order entry and fulfillment capabilities. We delivered the critical retail point-of-sale. 

The customer delivered the sales because they were focused on what they do best.

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