Serialization & LotNumbering

Light manufacturing & fabrication

Special Packaging

Design and Ingenuity provided the perfect solution for one of K-5’s largest customers. A global leader in sleep was stuck with offerings from their current supply chain. What they wanted was an upscale look that met federal flame regulations, and that could be made in custom widths for use in their manufacturing plants. K-5 rolled up our sleeves and went to work.

After several tests to solve the customer challenge, we successfully developed a process to slit, treat, bond and finish this material into a sustainable, safe, and high end component that is still used today. We currently forecast, manufacture, inventory and fulfill this lot-item numbered component to over a dozen facilities throughout North America. This effort required the acquisition of new equipment on our part, innovation & passion by the team, and resulted in a great investment into a super partnership that still thrives today.

A sourcing request that evolved into a long term fulfillment relationship.

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